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2nd Mid-Term Examination Routine, Executive MBA Program (January-June-2023)
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Department Profile

In early 1999, on the basis of the concept paper prepared by the Department of Management, the Faculty of Business Studies passed the resolution to establish the Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) and sent the resolution to the University authority for approval. In late 2004, the University authority approved the proposal and established the Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) and appointed Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan Choudhury as the first Chairman of the Department on April 12, 2005. Academic programmes at present consists of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Regular Master of Business Administration (MBA), Evening Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). Students have access to the Dhaka University Central Library and the Faculty of Business Studies library, which keeps primarily business and management related text books. The Department has decided to publish a journal, namely Bangladesh Journal of Management Information Systems. The department publishes monographs and working papers for developing the MIS as field of study.

Management Information Systems (MIS) is an academic discipline which is dealing with the study of people, technology, organizations and the dynamic inter-dependencies among these.

MIS broadly refers to themodern technologies and technology-enabled systems thoseareprovidingappropriate tools and mechanisms to the managers for ensuring effective and efficient way of managing business processes within an organization. The primary responsibility of the MIS managers is to maximize organizational excellency by applying appropriate technology to solve business problems.On the other hand, information is considered as vital antecedent of a business problem solving process, but information will not worthyenough if it cannot serve the purposes timely, accurately and with utmost reliability. Here, MIS graduates learn how to ensure these characteristics of information to guarantee operational righteousness of the organizations. They also learn how to manage various information systems so that they can best serve the needs of appropriate stakeholders of an organization. Furthermore, they learn how to create and operationalize a full-fledged and automated system for gathering, sorting and storing data. Along with these, they also must learn how to ensure information systems security, how to build a network essential for sharing data among the users and sophisticated business analytics used as data analysis tools.

From the historical limelight, it is also necessary to inform that in 1999 a concept paper pointing out the importance of the application of information and communication technologies in business process was the first mandate of initializing a new stream of acquiring and practicing MIS knowledge. On the backdrop of this necessity affiliated with the dynamism of modern technologies, a proposal of establishing Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) was put before the University authority for approval. In 2004, as a consequence, Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) sailed its flagship under the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS), University of Dhakaand brought a breakthrough into the field of business studies in Bangladesh.

The Department is well-equipped with two modern computer labs, multimedia class rooms and well decorated office. All classrooms are adorned with overhead projectors, sound systems, multi-media projectors, high speed Internet connection, air-conditioners and ergonomically designed furniture.Students have access to the Dhaka University Central Library and the FBSE-library providing the textbooksand course materials related to their study and research works.

Faculty members of this Department are highly qualified and actively engaged in extensive research works. Teaching approach, evaluation criteria, student development programs, extra-curricular activities and course curriculum of this department are consistently being improved as per the worldwide academic standards.

This Department is offeringa 4-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)degree, 1-year Master of Business Administration(MBA) degree and other post-graduationdegrees including 1-year Master of Science in MIS (MS), Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.), Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in MIS. Furthermore, the department is also offering Evening Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree for the executives and professionals.

The Department also regularly publishes a biannual academic journal named asBangladesh Journal of Management Information Systems (MIS).



Department of Management Information Systems
MBA Building, Ground Floor,
Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka , Bangladesh
Mailing Address:
Director EMBA(Program),Dept of MIS
FBS,University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Cell: 01911-673138, 01766-717108